Each person has high guides, angels, and a higher self who are constantly communicating messages. Sometimes we might hear and understand what these messages are, and other times there may be confusion or doubt. If a person is not connected to his/her own higher self to clearly differentiate between what is a message from a high guide, and what is not, this can be an overwhelming. It is almost impossible to figure out the meaning of these important messages or signals in typical states of consciousness because the mind is distracted and unfocused by worldly matters.

One of the effective methods to decode these profound messages is through channeling by developing a connection with one’s higher self and higher vibrational realms. Whether it is in understanding dreams, inner intuitive guidance, or sudden unexplainable insights or messages, Free Spirit Warrior acts as a clear non-discriminating channel, or vessel to translate messages that resonate with the heart and bring valuable application for today’s times.

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“Only the fortunate warriors, O Arjuna, get such an opportunity for an unsought war that is like an open door to heaven.”
Bhagavad Gita