Healing benefits of breathwork and medical salt therapy

Healing benefits of breathwork and medical salt therapy

Medical Qi Gong breathwork in the salt room of Richmond’s Salt Paradise is a unique combination of ancient wisdom and effective breathing techniques designed to cleanse, regulate and tonify the body. While in the salt room, practitioners are immersed in air nebulized with medical salt. Sessions are held in a slightly heated room, walls are paneled with Himalayan salt and the flooring is 15cm thick in the same salt crystals.

Medical Qigong itself is several thousand years old and is the main branch that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) comes from. It is a comprehensive healing system applying wisdom, knowledge and practical skills. One important focus in Qigong (which means “the study and cultivation of Qi or energy”) is respiration where purging, tonifying and regulating principles are applied through effective breathing using tools such as healing sounds, visualization of colors, and timed breathing.

Medical Qigong breathwork and exercises have been specifically designed to amplify effectiveness of delivering oxygen to tissues around the body, and simultaneously removing carbon dioxide and toxins from the system by engaging often-neglected core muscle groups such as the abdominal diaphragm.

Salt therapy is a popular European healing modality proven scientifically to relieve respiratory congestion and inflammation. This method of inhaling medical salt deep into the airways acts similarly to a neti pot by helping to naturally clean out respiratory blockages from buildup of mucus and phlegm. The anti-inflammatory and mucus-clearing effects of medical salt is from its ability to minutely line the airway, and via osmosis, draw out “good” fluids from the inflamed, or mucus-laden areas.

This good fluid, now mixed with the nebulized salt, goes to work on cleaning the walls of the airway, resulting in the sufferer releasing a lot of mucus by way of a runny nose or coughing it up. Some people immediately feel these mild common cold-like symptoms during the initial few sessions of salt therapy use. This is expected as the lungs are being cleaned out and within 3-5 sessions most people notice less congestion and improved breathing capacity.

However, the key to long-term benefit with salt therapy is consistency until unwanted symptoms have cleared. People who suffer from respiratory ailments have conditions that often either inflame the airways or produce excessive mucus; medical salt can only clear a certain amount at a time, and in between sessions, people are recommended to drink plenty of healthy fluids.

Combining medical Qigong breathwork with salt room therapy at Richmond’s Salt Paradise has led to many people finding relief from headaches, low energy, high stress and tight muscles. The simultaneous exposure to both forms of therapy also works to clear asthma, eczema, psoriasis and acne to name a few benefits. Qigong exercises are easy to learn, and positive results are felt within 48 hours. As allergy season is soon upon us, this combined Qigong breathwork in the salt room is a great natural alternative to prevent acute allergic reactions.

Sessions are one hour, 3 times a week at Salt Paradise in Richmond, B.C., and lead by Jan Jarolim, a certified and experienced Medical Qigong instructor. Space is limited to 5 people. Call to find out times and book ahead for your Medical Qigong Salt Therapy sessions at 604-727-7249.



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written by Jan Jarolim

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