Move out of the fragments, meditation.

Move out of the fragments, meditation.

Move out of life fragments, meditation.


In respect to the science and institutions, they don’t serve me anymore. However they taught me patience, diligence, focus, goal orientation….I’m grateful.


It is time to invite inspiration, intuition, joy and listen to the hearth regarding work and manifestation in physical word. I’m so grateful.


Universe, I’m ready to receive experience in accordance of our highest vibrations, the inner souls and environments we are living in – families, communities, countries, nature, and professions. Aligned between Heaven and Earth, I’m accepting yours the highest conciseness to let it flow through every cell of my body and mind. Please,  flow through me and let me be in the flow of the Light. I’m grateful.

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“Only the fortunate warriors, O Arjuna, get such an opportunity for an unsought war that is like an open door to heaven.”
Bhagavad Gita